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06-Mar-2015 21:59

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Foremost had no Their customer care department is very unprofessional.They added my boyfriend as an authorized user then closed my account the next day.The card had not been used so they cancelled the card and are sending me a new one...This will take another 10 business Had someone unauthorized attempting to use my card.You can nevertheless check your credit score for free on Wallet Hub to get a sense of your chances: https://wallethub.com/free-credit-score/ . The only reason they received 1 star is because there was not a lower option. I had plenty of Hotel rooms, and liked the Idea of hunting supplies. I decided to use the card on a 3400 dollar camera for a Christmas gift. I appreciated their concern, and answered all their security questions, and they said it was good to go. Called back again, after holding up the line at Best Buy for 45 minutes.Declined again, called them again and they said they had to text me a password, and I would have to read it back them. They told me that I would have to break up nto multiple purchases?????? Tried to talk to the most incompetent customer service agents for the next hour with no explanation.I will gladly use my Marriott rewards to purchase at other sporting good companies. I have always made my payments on time never late and today I get a letter saying they were closing my account because my credit score dropped.Are you kidding me I have never had an issue with paying every month always before the due date so I would not recommend this card to anyone!!!!

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Found out that the card won't be replaced for 10 days. There are plenty of other options that offer better service, higher interest rates, and no fees. What really matters, he now believes, is pushing products and managing risk. Or you can change your BANK…and you will live a life knowing they’re not trying to screw you at every turn. Yes, there are regulatory issues and scammy lobbying at play here too…but at a fundamental level, if companies can get away with offering poor service and consumers don’t bolt, they will. She told me she saw a report outlining “Digital Influencers,” and I was on it. Then she told me I was considered a “Negative Influencer.” PERHAPS IT’S BECAUSE I CALL THEIR FAT ASSES OUT BY NAME FOR SCAMMING AMERICANS IN A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING BOOK AND A BLOG WITH 350,000 MONTHLY READERS. Looks like I won’t be doing any partnerships with these companies any time soon. You can sit around, bemoaning the state of banks and complaining about your airline. It’s also the peace of mind knowing they’re not just waiting for an opportunity to screw you. After I’ve warned you for years how duplicitous and scammy these banks are, you continue to use them because you’re too lazy to switch away (which takes approximately 1 week of your life). This article shows you precisely what I mean: For banks, being terrible to YOU…is great for their business. Bove in his Tuesday note shared his latest epiphany: catering to customers may actually distract from the pursuit of making money in the new world of finance. It’s not just the money and time saved, although that’s reason enough to switch.I will never do business again, and it explains why they are being bought out.

I am sure Marriott will be happy to have my full business.

When I call to discuss this issue with someone, they hang up in my face. They are fucking cunts and should not work in the customer service field. The gave me an initial limit of 3500 which I never even came close to. At six months I went to use my card at a competing outdoor store and it was declined (I had checked my available balance that morning and I had 2k available).

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