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02-Sep-2014 01:46

Giving out personal information in common chat: your own: 30 minutes (first names are ok); someone else's: 3 hrs.Personal info includes real life names (not first), location and or personal information about a players life.Important: These products are intended for users who are 18 years old or older.Please check with your local laws to know the legal age to view explicit adult material.

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If you violate this rule you will receive a minimum punishment of 15 minutes of your chat being disabled. Its against the rules to write long names (even if the excisting character name consist of all capital letters) or places with all caps in Common chat. Capsing the first letter of every word in a sentence is ok, while capsing several letters in more than one word (example: „Ho Ly Mo Ly, Th Is Ro Ck S! Messages concerning trade are not allowed in Common Chat.The sentence will be negotiated in each case individually.Do not report offences if the player has already been muted for that offence.From the simple erotic puzzle to games with more concrete situations, you are going to have a good time.

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Using more than six symbols of a kind is considered symbol flood. We differentiate between four kinds of links which will be punished at a different degree: Moderators will not deal with those kind of punishments, so please do not bother the moderators with such.

This commonly encountered symbol (at least in bottles found on Western historic sites) was intended either as a cryptic form of makers mark or simply an artistic flare of a specific mold cutter or engraver at the SF&PGW (or located in the Bay Area).… continue reading »

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