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please conduct yourselves accordingly, request FIRST for all private messages in channel, slaves need not beg entrance. in a /topic) antagonize, defame, or demean any person.

This is also an entire Gorean Online Community and can be found by clicking here.#Pillories_Yokes_&_Stocks - [Bondage Chat, D/s Chat, Roleplay Chat Room]Welcome to the medieval dungeon where pillories, yokes and stocks abound. Transmitting, without consent, a person's private/privileged identification and/or financial information.

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In this day and it would be the most popular dating website devoted to those.An IRC network with free chat rooms / chatrooms for all adults. This is an "Adults Only" network, users must be of legal age in their geographical area to use our network (though difficult to prove, age is usually evident by behavior.)We offer free web space associated with active registered chat rooms / channels on the network. Webchat java interface for our chat rooms is available by clicking on the chat button next to one of the adult chat rooms listed below.For those of you already familiar with IRC and it's clients, our network can be accessed at the following address: We strongly recommend downloading an irc client such as m IRC (Windows) or Bitch X (Unix) instead of using the java interface for our chat rooms.Come in and subject those therein to wonderful exquisite tortures. Examples being: Real Name, Phone Number, Address, Social Security Number, Bank Accounts Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc ...

[Note: Channels structured to facilitate harassment as detailed above are subject to closure.] The network is equipped with Chan Serv and Nick Serv, which enables users to retain their chat rooms and nicknames, via secure password identification. This is a secure form of network mail service, it is not run by an individual party, it is run by network services.

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