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The website was designed and created by Hero Chao, who also created and managed the event schedule and booths, and was responsible for obtaining the special guests of the event.Instant Sonic directed the events, fan game booths and the SAGEcast.Directed by Gamerdude and Smidge204, SAGE 2005 sported a nifty, slick layout and had a host of wonderful projects on display.SAGE 2005 also marked the event's first guest interview.

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His SAGE went with a simple and quirky thematic layout that would change on each day of the event.

Ben Hurst returned for another interview with the community.

Joining him was the current writer for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series by Archie, Ian Flynn.

As the original Sonic Amateur Games Expo, Blaze Hedgehog set out to make a showcase for the Sonic fan gaming scene, setting the template for every SAGE thereafter.

He wanted to feature fan games in the same style and presentation as the Electronic Entertainment Expo in the form of "booths," and encouraging even the use of "booth babes" for each booth.Smidge204, the administrator of SFGHQ, took up the mantle of quickly throwing together an event after it became apparent that Koray wasn't going to show.