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05-Sep-2015 15:55

They've been a young child standing silently in his house as an anonymous someone uses his TV to tell him he's "outside his window." The child's eyes grow wide and he turns around to check.

He's still too short to see out of the window, so he stands on a chair and gingerly pulls a curtain aside to peek out, before nervously shaking his head.

Although other streamers — such as Star Craft II superstar Day[9] — show their homes and faces during streams, Sony's bundled game is the only one to focus exclusively on its owners' living rooms.

In a move that now appears sage, competitor Microsoft withheld Twitch integration from its Xbox One launch package, planning to introduce the feature in early 2014.

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These stars have played with The Playroom's white robots, but they've also done stranger, darker things.Microsoft, like Sony and Twitch 7 years later, found no quick fix beyond booting perpetrators from its service as one parent found out when she questioned why her account was banned until the year 9999 from Xbox Live.

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