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26-Jul-2014 19:51

2 Sex education in the digital age An increasing number of countries are approaching comprehensive sex education through the dual lens of age-appropriateness and cultural relevance, with an eye to providing scientifically accurate, realistic and non-judgemental information.. Instead, in many parts of the world, sex education focuses on the risks and biomedical aspects of sexuality such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception and the mechanics of conception.

Research shows that adolescents would value more positive and realistic approaches (Allen 2006, 2007).

Finally, studies show that web-based sexual health education increases awareness, knowledge and behaviour related to sexual and reproductive health issues.

Insights from studies such as those above have helped a great deal with developing interactive and comprehensive content in online sex education.

Therefore, online sex education is of vital importance for young people.

From the analyses, it was not clear whether these topics are pursued out of interest or because information on them exists; however, the authors stress that it is clear that 'adolescents are popularly engaging with information about pleasure-based and experiential sex, as well as sexual positions and behaviors' (Simon and Daneback 2013: 309).

Abstract For most young people in the world, sex and relationships have a big impact on their lives.