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15-Aug-2015 19:18

Research indicates that in 1960 with the advent of the contraceptive pill, usage was recorded at 400,000. Sexual repression was met with the ‘sexual revolution’, ‘free love’ and ‘women’s lib’.

Five years later in 1965, this figure shot up to 6.5 million users in the U. Promiscuity progressed rampantly and pornography being the ultimate destination where women have been completely dehumanised and treated degradingly. Cultural Feminism acknowledges that women are “inherently kinder and gentler” along with the socio-moral perception of ‘good girl’, ‘good mother’, ‘good wife’.

Basically, her self-esteem was boosted not by doing what she wanted but by what and how others wanted her to present herself.

Commendable Achievements The oppression and mistreatment of women is unjust and inhuman.

(Source: Bukhari) From Oppression To Liberation There is of course a distinction between equality and identicalness.

Tired Mother And Wife This role modification at times became an unwholesome addition to her onerous work in the house.

The ‘Pill’ and Safe Sex The invention of the ‘pill’ in the 1960’s gave the woman sexual freedom to have safe sex.

It enabled women to fully enjoy sexual relations without fear of unwanted pregnancy. Women liberated themselves from one thing but were enslaved by something else.

High handed patriarchy certainly contributes to damage the masculine feminine relationship.The story of the woman throughout history has been one of gross abuse of her status. The woman is endowed with the latter quality in abundance and it is amply proven by her ability to nurture society. From ‘oppression’ to ‘liberation’; The famous Bra burning in the 1960s, as a statement for women’s rights.