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She then mentioned something about getting herself a drink,we agreed believing she would be actually getting herself one then sitting down with us again. My boyfriend then asked who would be paying for this, at this point the woman became very rowdy claiming we "should have understood at the time and not 2 minutes later", somehow believing we were patronising her english speaking skills.The bar man came over and reassured us that we would only have to pay for the glass which didn't seem to bad.We asked the woman to leave and shortly afterwards a bill was brought over to us by a man came for 50 euros!It was very frightening and we felt as though we had to pay rather than face the consequences of not doing so!

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Thinking that she might get herself a glass of wine or the like, I said yes, then she came out with an opened bottle of champagne.

Now I started taking this up with her and the dodgy manager came out along with a mean looking bodyguard. It got very uncomfortable and I actually worried for my life.

I finally got out of it "luckily" having to pay 150 euros, and my life fully intact I walked down the street as briskly as possible, I was still getting harranged by operators of similar establishments, most of whom seemed to be middle eastern.

Was apprehensive about visiting Pigalle, however, i wanted pics of the moulin rouge so we decided to walk from monmatre to pigalle.

We did so in the afternoon and found the area to be safe.Please help recruit one, or improve this page yourself if you are qualified.