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Anyway, I gather it has to do with the after-effects of a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union, which don’t look to be good, as one might expect.

The TV-movie apparently put the fear of God into a lot of people, and perhaps might have even played a part in ending the Cold War and certainly did play one in lessening the threat of nuclear attack.

As such, the latter didn’t have near as much impact as the former, at least to the public, but to be sure, there was a ripple effect as a direct result of the TV-movie and the would-be attack.

It’s within this sort of thing that “The Americans” thrives, as we see both the positives and negatives such things can have on the characters at hand, as Liz reacts one way, doubling down on her personal stance and need to act ASAP; and Phil reacts another, wondering whether or not they should actually back off from their work and keep some things to themselves, accordingly.

(If only “The Americans” itself could boast such numbers!

) I haven’t seen it myself, but it’s available on You Tube in its entirety, so I might check it out over the weekend.


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Young sort of brought out the best in Liz, in terms of showing her how to loosen up and have fun and relax for a change.After that, Liz herself stripped naked and simply waited, as a horrified Don woke up and saw what he’d supposedly done in his “drunken” stupor.