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20-Mar-2016 21:10

You may also have a motherboard with hardware-based firewall similar to the mentioned above.

Go under the "Camfrog" menu in the main application window and choose "Connect to Video Chat Room" (Ctrl R).

Sometimes the application called Nvidia Network Access Manager causes Camfrog to fail to connect multimedia streams to the room.

If you have Nvidia Network Access Manager installed, try to uninstall it to see if it solves your problem.

If someone sends you a rude IM, choose "Give Bad Feedback" under the Camfrog menu in the IM window.

If this user gets several bad feedbacks from different users, he won’t be able to IM anyone for a variable period of time.You can also access your profile by clicking on the link in the Your Profile section of the General tab of the Settings window under the main "Camfrog" menu. Camfrog works best with a DSL/Cable broadband Internet connection. If you are on a narrowband connection, you might have trouble seeing high-quality fast video. Camfrog is against all forms of spyware and adware.