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Wearing black pantyhose and black high heels with black shorts, I figured I would be okay especially wear I live near a senior community, no ones out after 9pm. When I was in high school I used to house sit for our neighbor.She was a 40 something single bank manager and she wore pantyhose every day. When I was young I was always infatuated by women in pantyhose.About two months ago I was getting ready to go to bed and decided to wear a pair of tights. as i was home sick from school home alone my sisters bedroom door was open.I start to look around and Saw some of her clothing.When I was about 16 we had a friend of my sisters living with us and she would...Right so it was hlaf term and my friend Katie invited me over.and I cannot thank my mom enough for loving, and accepting me along with always being there for me.This took me a while to write and I hope you enjoy my story.

Put once I walk though the door I calm down and went to the transgender section and... Well I live in a family with a mum and 2 sisters watching them in tights all the time for school and stuff so I decided I'd wear it and I just walked straight up to my sisters and they said I looked cute. for at least a decade when I believe I was caught wearing.

I discovered my mom's pantyhose drawer, and I tried on a pair of navy sheers for the fun of it.