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05-Apr-2015 09:31

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It turns out people get enough mundane, unfiltered reality in their own lives that there isn’t much incentive to seek it out online.

The more recent failure of reinforced the conclusion that lifecasting is an inherently flawed concept.

Meerkat’s other big problem is the same one Vine faced when Twitter launched it two years ago: Making videos is easy, but making good videos is hard.

But these days the majority of Americans carry an HD video camera in their pocket, which they can whip out the second things get interesting.

At its best, however, Meerkat restores some of the immediacy and intimacy that the Web has lost as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr have become platforms for people’s carefully groomed personal brands.

You can follow someone on Twitter for years without gathering an inkling of their real-life personality.

With venture-capital fortunes at stake, you’ll find plenty of prognosticators arguing both sides.

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But there’s another, more likely possibility: Meerkat will turn out more like Foursquare or Vine—apps that add an important new dimension to the social-media landscape without revolutionizing it. In Vine’s case, it was short, simple, recorded video. One of Meerkat’s problems is similar to the one that ultimately forced Foursquare to pivot away from location-based status updates: The service it provides could simply be integrated into existing social networks.

Twitter, it turned out, had secretly acquired a live-video app of its own a few months earlier, and was planning to launch it soon.