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Meantime we’re all off to make out with each other at the Christmas party, which this year has a “Wolf of Wall Street” theme.

You either command a nice guarantee OR you do so well at the door that you fore-go the guarantee for the bigger payout. Here's an answer for ya: Generate some more dollars in the form of sponsorship [Download our Free e Book: 23 Ways Musicians Can Make Money] Ok, but remember - if you have the eyeballs and the ears at your shows, you call the shots. And if you pick correctly, a lot of cool things can happen.

Here then, in no discernible order, with a glorious, liberating lack of logic and fair warning of SPOILERS liberally dotted throughout, is our grab-bag assortment of the 2013 Movie Moments that are still rattling around our brains.

Best Mentally Scarring Sex Scene With A Car Everyone might have been talking about the “Blue Is The Warmest Color” sex scene this year, but the one that we can’t stop thinking about—not necessarily in a good way—is that moment in Ridley Scott‘s “The Counselor,” when Cameron Diaz has sex with a car.

What always worked for me was having a "partnership" mock-up package available to present while letting the business know that I could customize the terms specific to what was attractive to that particular business. Make a video for the business with a goal for it to be "sticky" enough to go viral. These include extra tickets for the buyer, VIP seating, etc. Pitch to the business that you will play one of their corporate events. If you have a lot of eyeballs at your shows, that is one of your “corners.” Oh and one last thing: You better make sure you actually like the product you are endorsing.

Here is what a package could include: What You Can Do For Them The normal things in this area are signage at the show, logo on flyers/handbills, logo with click through on website, stage mentions, and personal mention in email blast/social media pages. If you are proposing an annual deal - propose that you'll generate one of these per month. Nothing will ruin your reputation and get dollars pulled faster than drinking a Miller Lite when Bud is your sponsor.

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For any sticky, scratchy little movie moments that you need to exorcize, there’s a capacious comments section waiting below.

Also remember, Pepsi and Coke have sub-brands of energy drinks and things (beer distributors do as well).

They'll most likely be handled by the same person, BUT it could change your pitch if you have a target market that is the same as theirs.

You Tube is the first place I go to watch funny videos online—me and about a billion other people.

But one thing that always annoys me is having to sign in time after time to view age-restricted videos.

It’s mostly off-screen, but the uncomfortably-turned-on shock on the face of Javier Bardem‘s Brian Grazer-haired drug dealer, as he describes the, uh, ‘catfish’ on his windshield pretty much gets the whole thing across.