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09-Dec-2016 00:44

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I always dated people who have had some basic level of interest in staying fit on their own.I do love my girlfriend, but the idea of spending the majority of my time with my SO on the couch watching Netflix is not appealing at all. Some guys would just do their own thing and then meet her to hang out.I've talked to her about it and reality is there isn't a lot she can do.She really wants to make me happy, but her medical condition precludes her from really trying to do any more.

Perhaps you two could try getting out of the house to do stuff that isn't fitness related, per se.I know she doesn't have any interest in doing the hiking and is doing it only to appease me.Other things, I ask her if she wants to try kayaking, and she'll say "I'm scared of the water, I don't swim well.".This problem has been compounded in the last six months since she has found she has an orthopedic condition which is causing a lot of pain when she does almost anything active.

She is still working out how to manage this medical problem, but it doesn't look good.

Personally, based on what I experienced before her medical condition popped up, I know she has no interest in these things and would only be doing them to make me happy anyways.

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