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All other characters mentioned also belong to their respective copyright holders. Time traveling genius, and my main target during my time in Midgard.Unequally Rational and Emotional created by Over Master. Warning: this fic contains unholy levels of crack, crossovers, awesome, madness, violence and much silliness. Currently traveling for Lake Biwa with 'Black Ilya' Kuro Einzbern, Hakase Satomi and the other Chao Lingshen. The Worm and the Demon"I can't do it anymore," Matou Kariya had protested.

Batman and all related characters and elements belong to DC Comics. Chao Lingshen: Future descendant of Negi Springfield and (NAME WITHHELD).He never recovered his full health, but at least he was not doomed anymore. "Not too impressive, but still got a good result." He looked down at the red collage on the rocks with great pleasure.However, along with the worms, for some reason, he had lost his magical potential as well. "Finally, a gag of yours is worth it…"Joker tried to push him down the cliff then, but he didn't even move an inch. It's just natural for an artist to try an encore after being praised…""You're despicable…" Deadpool's voice drifted up. "The narrative now innocently pans away, not at all snickering evilly, no sir, not at all…….And the light took form, and a figure emerged from it before the room returned to darkness. Slim and relatively tall, with short reddish hair that covered most of her face in thick bangs. " That truly obnoxious voice was beaming now, and Quartum could be heard groaning in the background. He leaned ahead to take a better look at the screen. " Ruri frowned, starting to absently scratch the the back of her right hand."Read it aloud," the Entrail Animal said, his head tilting all the way back to her. I have no idea why it came this way, but…""No.""But it can grant you power beyond your wildest imaginations! I'm having problems understanding human speech after that brain damage.""There wasn't a brain to damage! He looked at the glowing waters and whistled as the column of light shot itself up to the sky. You two made me arrive late to the party, and you know I hate that! " Joker smirked."Do you take me for one of those empty-headed human youngsters? definitely interesting.""Oh, you talk like an old man, Quarty," Joker teased. Look at that blond girl I thought we'd killed in the fire! " Ruri asked, absently scratching the back of her itchy hand. "That depends on what you ask me to do, Master." Suggestively, of course.

There was something unnatural about the way she stood, as if she was a doll standing on metallic high heels. "It'll be a bit long, but it's going to be a sequence of sentences you need to read aloud, word for word. ""Not interested.""Fulfill your greatest life aspirations! ""I don't have any.""It will grant you…" and he whispered the last word, in an almost conspiratorial tone, "… She looked at the screen again, noticing how blatantly harmless it looked. And she had no future, no matter if she was rescued or not. And all that other jazzy stuff the guy says in the Doom comic! " Joker snarled at him before snarling at Deadpool, pulling out an unspeakable bar-like thing. Now all the girls will talk about me behind my back! And an unidentified gigantic pulse of demonic energy, too! Ruri wasn't sure how to take that answer, so she urged to "Go on.""With pleasure," she purred.The stranger with the green eyes had shown up at his doorstep shortly after his father and brother's deaths."Matou Kariya," he said with a rich, powerful voice and a strange, vaguely Arabic accent unlike any Kariya had ever heard. It was a name whispered in the darkest seedy corners only when there was no other choice.

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Each morning beginning around monks will walk the streets collecting their morning alms and food for the day. Listen to jazz – On the north side of the Old City Northgate Jazz Co-Op. Catch a documentary – Documentary Arts Asia screens free documentaries every Thursday evening at at their gallery location off of Wualai Road. Heading away from Central Airport Plaza on Bunrueang Road look for a green sign on your left. Walk up to Doi Suthep – Every year in May thousands of people make a pilgrimage starting at the front gate of Chiang Mai University on Huay Kaew Road and going all the way up the mountain to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple (with free food and drinks along the way! One of the closest meditation centers is at Wat Umong near the mountain on the west side of town.… continue reading »

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