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21-Jun-2015 14:28

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The case was filed in Santa Clara Superior Court in San Jose, California.

In her complaint, Shi, who was employed as a principal software engineer in the company, said that Zhang attempted to have oral sex with her a number of times.

Maria Zhang, who is currently Yahoo Mobile's senior director of engineering, has been accused of making inappropriate sexual advances.

The lawsuit was filed by a female employee named Nan Shi, who started working in the company last September.

Zhang claims that Shi went to HR to complain about her and other managers when it became clear that Shi’s job was in danger.

But Zhang said that HR found Shi’s claims to be unsubstantiated. But as a last-ditch effort to save her job, Shi again went to HR [i.e., Yahoo’s human resources department], alleging Zhang forced her to have sex in return for favorable treatment.

“Zhang told Plaintiff she would have a bright future at Yahoo if she had sex with her. Shi said: “I was in a deep sleep one morning, sleeping on the sofa because she had taken my bed, when she came in without clothes on, crawled into my blanket, and woke me up, hugging me, kissing my face and neck,” Shi said. I said come on, we’re friends; I love you as a person, but not as a lover.” In response, Zhang has not merely denied Shi’s accusation, but has filed a countersuit against her accuser: Zhang says Shi fabricated the whole story.

She also stated she could take away everything from her including her job, stocks, and future if she did not do what she wanted.” Speaking to the [San Jose] Mercury News . According to Zhang, Shi had been an underperformer and received negative performance evaluations from two other managers.

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Because Yahoo held up her termination for several months while investigating her sexual harassment claim, Zhang says Shi received “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in stock and salary that she otherwise would not have taken home.Aside from the sexual harassment complaint, Shi is also suing for wrongful termination.

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