Appropriate age to start online dating whos dating george clooney

14-Feb-2017 10:34

He was a handsome, well-traveled man and we had an interesting conversation.But I thought, who is he to lie his way onto a date with me and expect that I’ll find him so amazing I’ll overlook it?Lying on a first date is about the biggest red flag I can imagine.It’s definitely way worse than being old, which we will all be eventually.I showed up at the coffee shop where he was waiting for me, and I noticed that he looked a little more, well, craggy, than I had expected.“I really feel like my mental age is 34,” he told me about half way into our date. I wanted to say to him, “I’m so glad that you feel 34, but I’m actually 27.” Of course, I was far too tactful to blurt out anything quite that blunt.

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I strongly encourage everyone to accept where you are in life, appreciate the wisdom you’ve accumulated and proudly express the truth of who you are – including your age.” I would have respected the 42-year-old guy a lot more if he had been upfront with me from the start.“The reason they portrayed themselves as younger was because they worried that if they didn’t, they [wouldn’t] attract the people they want to attract. If the objective is to meet and connect with someone who likes you for you then how can you achieve that if you haven’t been honest with them?