Astronomical signs and dating

24-Dec-2016 09:59

Players need not apply."As for dating, Taurus lives for love and is built for commitment, which can (and should) be balanced by an energetic partner who appreciates Taurus' romantic nature.You love to be in love, but that does *not* equate to boring—in fact, Taurus is one of the signs who truly gets sexiness in a elemental way."Exquisite taste, fine dining, and tapping all the senses is right up this sign's alley.If you're looking to be woo'd, adored and pampered then look no further.

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But that doesn't mean years in the Friend Zone—you can move quick and fast when you feel a spark.

In the bedroom, your passionate nature is obviously legendary—but in the bedroom, you get to be a little more vulnerable, and that can be quite endearing to your partner (who presumably knows your take charge energy everywhere else).

Make sure to show how much you trust the one you're with and it'll payoff big time.

", your sexiness is subtle and you connect with others on an emotional, deep level that can take others by surprise.

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(Have you ever had someone admit they loved you years and years after the fact—and you were oblivious?

You love giving all of yourself in both relationship and sex—meaning you're pretty much down for anything, as long as they're committed to giving you what you want—love and commitment.