Aviva problem updating virus signatures

25-Jan-2015 20:30

- There is a red X over the Zone Alarm system tray icon. - I just upgraded something and the program is not working correctly.- When recommended by Technical Support for other issues.We've probably all had that happen to us before that destroyed our harddrive from working and had to buy a new computer.But what if it got into government computers and THIS CAN AND DOEe S HAPPEN.If I clicked on one link to look at it, it activated the other one t destroy my computer and automatically sent the virus on to everyone else on my e-mail address book.Becasue of AVG's effectiveness and excellent virus detection and cleaning capability, I want to install it on a machine, which is being used in an area where we the not very reliable.

The thing was - there were two of them I had received as e-mails.

I am having a problem updating my threat signatures.

I have updated them a number of time today yet my kaspersky main menu still states that my threat signatures are obsolete!!

Traditional signature and heuristic file scanning engines form the backbone of Symantec’s security solutions; these engines use dozens of techniques to scan files for both known as well as unknown threats.

Technologies designed to block attacks just as they transition from the network cable or wireless network to the computer, before they have a chance to establish residency in a physical file on a user’s computer. Behavioral-based protection technology observes actively running threats on your computer and can terminate running programs if they exhibit malicious behaviors; this technology provides proactive protection from entirely new, previously unseen attacks.

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