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04-Mar-2017 23:33

And I think he did that in Denver a couple of times as we saw when we were out there.The thing that I heard in there was that may have been a slip because he’s usually—he’s very well prepared.But seriously, I mean, he goes for those put away lines.Again, the one word, “enough,” in the middle of the Denver speech continues to reign.I think that’s what the premise is that he doesn’t—the one thing he wants to avoid is being perceived as beating up on an older man or a woman, I think.And that’s the kind of, you know, trap that the Republicans have set for him.

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OLBERMANN: Look, bon mot is the guy who’s always constantly spouting criticisms, that bon mot has a certain implication of talking too much. The mot juste the guy who says nothing all evening and then at the right moment says exactly the perfect thing in response to everything that ties everything together.

This is the Democratic campaign and the argument is: Should other people be doing the dirty work for him and will Senator Biden be doing that?

And now, the extra dimension is: Has Governor Palin sort of reigned in Senator Biden?

You can hit him on almost any topic and he has a pretty good idea of what it is he wants to say.

But he mentioned something about we’re going to see what happens in this campaign and that we’re going to get to the debates.

OLBERMANN: Rachel Maddow wanted me to ask this question.

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