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Whether it's a full set of Baccarat champagne glasses or a stunning Baccarat chandelier, Baccarat crystal will always exude the elegance of history even in the most contemporary setting.

From exquisite stemware, to fine crystal vases with diamond-cut patterns, to the simple beauty of a pair of crystal candleholders, to stunning decorative art, you'll find elegant examples from world-famous glassmakers at Halls Kansas City.

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In ensuing years, an estimated one third of the company’s workforce was dedicated to commissions to the Russian imperial court alone.One of the world’s foremost crystal manufacturers, Baccarat has long been emblematic of luxury and exquisite craftsmanship.Starting in the early 19th century, objects produced by the French company — from stemware to chandeliers to brightly colored paperweights — became a staple of noble and wealthy households across Europe and as far afield as India.A company with origins dating back to the reign of Louis XV, Baccarat crystal, from decanters to candelabra, has defined the utmost in exceptional crystal glassware for more than two centuries.

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Baccarat was established by King Louis XV in 1764 in the eastern French town of the same name in order to produce utilitarian goods, such as windowpanes, as well as more elegant items, like stemware.(I still can’t touch Lush Tuca Tuca after a particularly rough OKCupid date at a Lord of the Rings-themed restaurant, during which I was lectured about the Singularity for longer than Return of the King.