Bamyan in afghanistan predating european oil painting by

22-Jul-2015 08:53

bamyan in afghanistan predating european oil painting by-10

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International opinion strongly condemned the destruction of the Buddhas, which in the following years was primarily viewed as an example of the extreme religious intolerance of the Taliban.

Japan and Switzerland, among others, have pledged support for the rebuilding of the statues.

The murals at Bamiyan, which lay on the Silk Road where goods and ideas flowed between East and West, date to the mid-seventh century A. "This is one of the most important art-historical and archaeological discoveries ever made," she says.

monumental statues of standing buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan, 230 km (140 mi) northwest of Kabul at an elevation of 2,500 meters (8,200 feet).

The lower parts of the statues' arms were constructed from the same mud-straw mix while supported on wooden armatures.

It is believed that the upper parts of their faces were made from great wooden masks or casts.

The destruction of the Bamyan Buddhas became a symbol of oppression and a rallying point for the freedom of religious expression.

In 2008, their research revealed that paint samples from 12 of the caves contained "drying oils," most likely walnut and poppy-seed oils, which are key ingredients in oil-based paints.

In the ancient Mediterranean world, drying oils were used in medicines, cosmetics, and perfumes.

They found that about 50 of the caves were once adorned with glistening murals depicting images of Buddha, bodhisattvas, and female devotees.

One unique scene shows the Persian solar deity Mithra, riding a chariot driven by four winged horses.

Despite the fact that most Afghans are now Muslim, they too had embraced their past and many were appalled by the destruction. Later, the Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, tried to use heavy artillery to destroy the statues.

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