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Leela and Amy protest, claiming Bender will harm the dignity of women everywhere.The Professor defends that he's doing this "for the proud people of Robonia." Bender then goes under the gender-reassignment procedure and emerges as Coilette, passes the test and gets to keep his medals.As the ceremony begins, Coilette faints, causing Calculon to call for a doctor.

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As they continue watching the movie, the rest of the male characters leave, complaining about how Calculon is too emotional towards actor Coilette: Bender looks back with tear-filled eyes. Bender replies that they don't dress trampy enough.Coilette gets ready for her date, over the protests of the crew.Fry is grossed out that his best friend is dating a man and Amy and Leela are upset and embarrassed that Bender is acting like a tramp.After feeling attacked by the crew, Coilette runs out and the Professor shares the fact that Bender is having mood swings and needs the oil change operation.

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Coilette and Calculon dine at Elzar's Fine Cuisine.Unfortunately, Hermes hasn't limbo-ed in 20 years, prompting the Professor to create a Flabo Dynamic Suit to help him cheat.