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18-Jun-2014 01:02

Loyalties aside, residents and municipal officials alike are eager to showcase the region’s historic charm, cultural spaces and natural beauty to the visiting NHL franchise.

to him that his was not the brightest of futures, Bob Probert punched out another boy’s upper bridge of teeth. His junior-league teammates and opponents had caught up in terms of ability.

Concussions appear to be CTE’s leading cause, but no one knows how much head trauma is needed for it to develop.

One researcher said hockey enforcers “tell me that about one out of every four or five times that they fight they suffer what sounds to me like a concussion.” , something that comes naturally to zero humans.

You slash the backs of knees with your stick, cross-check vertebrae, butt-end ribs. All involved believe in the personality of the law.

A foul is as much an offense against the victim as it is a violation of the rules.

They live in a bruised fugue that used to be called dementia pugilistica, punch-drunkenness.

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(One Canadian poet called hockey a “mix of ballet and murder.”) It’s the unforgiving element hockey’s fugitive grace floats on: original violence tolerated, then accepted, then in time turned into custom, into spectacle, into tactic, and finally into theory.

I remember instead the little smile, the quick wink, and the words, ‘Don’t worry, Gretz.’ And you know what?