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To these books I make frequent reference and to absolutely no others. I assume that he has a Latin Grammar (Allen & Greenough's, Gildersleeve's, Harkness', or Preble's revision of Andrews & Stoddard's), a school History of Rome (Allen's, Creighton's, Myers', or Pennell's) and an edition of Caesar's Gallic War, I.-IV. They are brief and pointed, and their tone is positive. It follows, therefore, that they are to be studied and recited, not merely consulted or neglected at the pleasure of tte 10 PREFACE. Three principles have been carefully regarded in their preparation : 1st. ■&» .^vrv o^ A, '^RAS^' Hntet=Collcfilatc Classical Series. TULLI CICERONIS ORATIONES ET EPISTOLAE SELECTAE SELECTED ORATIONS AND LETTERS OF CICEEO WITH HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION, AN OUTLINE OF THE ROMAN CON- STITUTION, NOTES, EXCURSUSES, VOCABULARY, AND INDEX HAROLD W. CHICAGO SCOTT, FORESMAN AND COMPANY 1900 618 C7Z Copyright, 1891, By Alrert, Scott & Co. Sulla Oratio 282 Excursus V., Roman Correspondence 352 Epistolae Selectae 356 III. He was easily swayed by circumstances, and often the tool of unscrupulous men. 15, and notice the adversative force of idem, pro periculis, ' in view of,' not ' on account of.' M. PROFESSOR OF LATIN, UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA, BLOOMINGTON, IND. CHICAGO THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO MY SUCCESSOR IN WHIPPLE ACADEMY, Principal Joseph &♦ barker, 3J&, WITHOUT WHOSE ENCOURAGEMENT IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BEGUN, AND TO WHOSE PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE NEEDS OF SCHOOLS IT OWES WHATEVER MERIT AS A SCHOOL BOOK IT MAY POSSESS. PAGE 7 Preface Life of Cicero Chronological Table 63 The Eoman Commonwealth 78 Abbreviations and References 79 Oratio In Catilinam Prima Oratio In Catilinam Secunda Excursus I., The Affair of the Allobroges 139 142 Pro L Murena Oratio Excursus II., Roman Criminal Trials 218 Oratio In Catilinam Tertia 221 Excursus III., Caesar's Speech in the Senate 249 In Catilinam Oratio Quarta 252 Excursus IV., Events from the Conclusion of the Debate to the Death of Catilina • • 279 Pro P. He was short-sighted, hesitating, by turns lenient to weakness, and harsh to cruelty. It is divided into two parts: The first contains the life of Cicero and an estimate of his character, together with an unusually full account of the events which are treated of in the orations and letters following. 16; the ellipse may here be sup- plied: 'if you don't mean my consulship.' imperio, potes- tate, * in a position of such mili- tary and civil power.' All politi- cal offices at Rome might be included under the term potestas, but only a few could strictly be called imperia (see p.

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When the cause of the republic was finally lost, he was among the first to fall a victim to the proscription. 5 jfjipprevwaq q patf™" f — as a politician he was a failure, jle seemed unable to comprehend the tendencies J i LJbh B-Jimes. cri- men, indicium : the former is the charge as formulated by the pros- ecution, the latter the evidence (§ 14. The discussion which is so stimulating and profitable in college classes, I believe to be out of place in the preparatory school. It is assumed that what is once learned will be retained, and no notes are intentionally repeated. magistratu re- peats the consulatus in the form of a synonym, as suffragatio does voluntas in Mur.

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