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But when you look at the world from above and see those billions of people with their little microcosms, it loses its significance. There’s a story to every song and we spent a lot of time with each song as well. When I don’t work at the weekend, I can’t just sit at home for example. The song describes that everyone is looking for something at night. And in the song two people found each other in a club.We also had this feeling when we recorded the album. But in general “Love who loves you back” is the favorite song of us all. I have to mix with people, otherwise I’d get depressive. Tokio Hotel‘s Tom Kaulitz has filed for divorce from his wife Ria Sommerfeld.The 27-year-old musician and Ria were married for a little over a year.Those among us (and among you), who are fans of the Magdeburger boygroup “Tokio Hotel” as well, are now additionally at the latest deeply impressed and shout, at least half-loudly, a “Donnerwetter” (= Wow! Instead of flying back to Los Angeles after a performance in Stockholm, the former model comes to Hamburg for visiting Tom.For only 18 hours, spending 7 hours with guitarist Tom.The kissing-protocoll, recorded to the best of one`s knowledge and belief and with the necessary caution: From there she drove to the city, checked in cost-consciously at the 3 stars “Suitehotel Hamburg City” near the central station.

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Things go unsaid between them for years until they both realize they can't continue living with the way things have been. The truth can be scary, but ultimately, it can set you free . They all say he's some kind of sex freak, but are all the rumors really true? Tom Trumper needs to do something with his life, so why not start his own business as a pool boy? Who wants to clean up other peoples pool's during the dead of summer?Bill Kaulitz is a famous model, and hires Tom to clean his pool, little does Tom know, Bill wants him for more then just pool cleaning.Bill Kaulitz: That’s a good question which I also ask myself. My message is: Let’s not label and always make such a big topic out of it. Everyone should live the way it feels good and right. We just try to encourage it and want to say: Just relax, everyone! And then it’s about the feeling when you just recorded an amazing song.

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Everyone can love who they want to love, without shouting it from the rooftops. You feel like the king of your world and the universe. Kaulitz: It’s about a certain feeling: I really love to go out and party, even more than the other guys and Tom.

Not much is known as to why Tom and Ria‘s relationship went south.

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