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20-Nov-2015 22:11

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I'm really proud of all of our work, and I honestly think that my fans and new fans are going to like it." Caillat has a short run of dates planned for early July -- including a performance on "All Of You's" release date at New York City's Canal Room -- and is planning a more extensive tour for August.

"We are actually working on that right now," she says.

We always listen to Beyoncé's playing before I go onstage and that gets me super amped up. It's still early in this tour, but what's one of the most embarrassing onstage mishaps you've ever had? So I put my leg up like a flamingo, and I was like, 'I'm not going to stop playing! ' So I kept playing with my leg up and my guitar tech came over to me like, 'What are you doing? I get so nervous before every show that eating (real) food is an issue on show days, so sometimes I drink a smoothie instead. Me and Christina are both really healthy in our eating, so it's having tons of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, avocados and things that people might think are boring, but it really helps you feel good. I take time to hang out with my band and crew, who I've been touring with for a really long time.

One time I was playing a show in Paris and I felt my guitar strap pop off. I'm just a huge fan and the company knows that, so they sent me the bikes and I have all these playlists from all the instructors, so I try to spin every day, because it's really hard to eat (well).

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It's only been a week since they hit the road, but Christina Perri and Colbie Caillat already feel like sisters."(We) realized we're identical. "We'll even walk out to meet-and-greets wearing the same outfits. Whoever's closing that night is going to bring the other girls out and all three of us will do a song. I just liked them as human beings, so I thought it'd be really fun to tour with them all summer. Do you have any backstage rituals before heading onstage?

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We eventually talked about it, and then we started dating." The two now live together in Los Angeles and recently adopted a puppy who will go on tour with them. We actually enjoy doing it." Colbie Caillat Taps Common, Opens 'New Chapter' with 'All Of You' Album Caillat acknowledges that her relationship with Young inspired many of the 12 songs on "All Of You" (some of which he co-wrote), and she points out that they're not all moon-eyed and happy. We've been prepping for the show for what, like four or five months now? Colbie and I met in passing a couple times, and then it was more of an idea of us touring together that came from my camp. Me and Christina have talked about this — we get a little stage fright, so I get calm, take deep breaths, have mellow music playing or candles to set the mood. Caillat is wearing large sunglasses in the photo, so it’s impossible to tell whether she’s wearing any makeup, but it’s still obvious: In the moment the photo was taken, Caillat is happy and confident in her own skin. Young is a guitarist who is extremely popular in the Hawaiian contemporary music genre.

The couple have often met up on tour to play shows together. ' All of a sudden, the song's almost over, I've successfully stood like a flamingo the entire time, and as soon as I put my leg down, I realize that my guitar strap was just stuck and it was fine the whole time.