Comcast dvr guide not updating

21-Jun-2014 12:05

I am currently on my FOURTH HD DVR box from Comcast in Souteastern PA.I have issues with the box resetting itself out of the blue, then the guide does not update for days.Reran guided setup from tivo using the guide info from #13.Channel were correct You could also open a ticket with Tivo to notify them of the mismatch of data.You may need to speak to Ti Vo about this issue as well »com/app/ans ··· a_id/211»com/If you are able to access the new channels manually but the guide information is incorrect, then that's a Ti Vo issue.For some reason channel 447, 448, 449, and 450 which are music channels give me a "To be announced" message in the guide but I'm able to manually tune to them and their programming is there like it's always been.I have Comcast Digital Cable, and had read on the Comcast website that we're supposed to be getting a new guide with an improved search and DVR (»

You can accomplish the same result if you call customer support and have them send a hit to the box you are having trouble with. They're nice and all but it's like pulling teeth sometimes. The one that has updated is about 2.5 years old, I apologize for not knowing the model numbers but it's the basic black box that pretty much everyone in the Philadelphia area was given. There are a few box models that did not receive the new Guide.

Comcast just made a channel lineup change on February 27 to the Delco, PA lineup but has not pushed the update to Tivo, therefore any season passes for some network OTA broadcast channels now record the wrong channels.

You have to set up manual Tivo recordings to get around it.

We noticed the change after our Motorola DVR got an update that also made the name of a channel appear under the number when typed in from the remote.

It worked well, although a few much older recordings were not listed online every new one was, which could explain the quiet rollout that Comcast confirmed to us just began yesterday.

I use a TIVO Premiere in Garden State, NJ system and I have noticed that channels have not been added so quickly anymore. Comcast just reports to the guide companies that xxx channel will be added on yyy date...