Current recordset does not support updating this may whitstable dating

17-Dec-2016 12:20

This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. You will get a quicker response by posting to the newsgroup. Should be: str SQL = "INSERT INTO main(last,first) VALUES (? Report this message very kind of you - working with your code - getting an odd error Expected end of statement /asp_data3_add.asp, line 11, column 48 ado Con. /asp_data3_add.asp, line 30 (line 30 read:s : rs Add Comments. Report this message str SQL = "INSERT INTO main(last,first( VALUES (? This may be a limitaion of the provider, or the selected locktype." I have researched the locktype enum and the provider information. I am getting a '3251' error "Current Recordset does not support updating.

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but there are times when people decide to argue with us, and unfortunately the role of a moderator is basically a rule enforcer and peace keeper. It would have been better if you had worked it out yourself, but obviously it depends on whether you have read the forum descriptions or not - as they don't appear in the list of forums for searching etc, it is understandable to miss them. I'm hoping that the fact you have not posted anything about the issue since the initial post means you have solved it...User-Agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20060308)MIME-Version: 1.0Newsgroups: Advantage. OLEDBSubject: Current recordset does not support updating Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit NNTP-Posting-Host: .30Message-ID: X-Trace: -0700, .30Lines: 59Path:! In a few places, we open a recordset and populate a grid. Open The updating part is like this: With adostatements . OLEDB:1154 Article PK: 1133675 My company is porting an application written in VB6 from Access to Advantage. and you really shouldn't be storing data files there anyway, see the article Where should I store the files that my program uses/creates? I usually only search in VB6 so I can filter out all the other crap, now you guys are "moderating" issues right out of the category...

Update Thread moved to 'Database Development' forum (the 'VB6' forum is only meant for questions which don't fit in more specific forums) There are basically 3 things that matter, the lock type and the cursor type (both explained in the FAQ article What do the parameters of the recordset. ), and the file/folder permissions (as explained in the "Access" section of the FAQs). Path, I seriously doubt that the permissions are right... There seems to be less and less answers in the VB6 forum, but more answers in FAQ and database development... Report this message That did it - very gratifying - new data into the file - many thanks - commng out of Access and it's past time I got into databases on the web ~ I see I have to lean how to force my self to READ connection strings - my eyes water...

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