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SIDERISE was proud to provide 80% of Perimeter Barrier Firestops on the prestigious King Abdullah Financial District development in Riyadh. Projects included: SIDERISE continues to provide market leading firestop and acoustic solutions to clients in the Middle East.Products include Perimeter Barrier Slab Edge Firestops, Spandrel Panels, Firesafe Cores and acoustic materials for curtain walling.The SIDERISE FIP high performance acoustic panel was tested at Sound Research Laboratories in April 2011 and the test results far exceeded expectations for a thin, single homogenous panel, normally limited to 30-35d B, it achieved 46d B Rw proving that the FIP panel was in a class of its own.

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Having worked with them previously we were confident that they had the range of products and the technical expertise to assist us in developing a practical solution and liaising with both the Architect and Acoustic Consultant.They are commonly used in construction applications including high performance wall and partition constructions; external cladding to ducts/pipes; component in built up metal roof and cladding systems.