Dating a firefighters daughter

02-Feb-2016 21:04

For example, the year Charlie Sheen lost his mind and the horrible show, “Jersey Shore,” was at the height of its popularity, my shirt said, “Sheen Snooki,” and had Sheen's mugshot on the back.

After Hurricane Sandy, my neon green shirt simply stated, “Be back sh ORTLEY,” a nod to my favorite beach town in the area that had been hit the hardest by the storm.

I missed the parade this year, and I spent most of the day upset that I wasn't there.

It wasn’t because I missed warm beer being spilled all over me, the crowds at the bar, or being hungover by 3pm, but because I missed what that day always meant for me and my dad.

A lot changed as I grew up, and yet, I always made it a point that no matter where I was during the parade, to run outside right as my dad was marching by.

No matter where we went, everyone knew my father and would grab him to talk, to hug him or to buy him a drink.No matter what I have going on in my life next year, I will make sure to be there, as long as he is, too.

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