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30-Jan-2017 20:27

Note:-International reseller receives the order for the item displayed on this page of in and buys it from the international e Bay site within 24 hours of receiving cleared payment.-The Price includes shipping and handling charges for delivery anywhere in India.

*International reseller is not responsible for service transit time.

Mid-range drivers replaced with OEM (Identical to original) drivers supplied by Wembl... Sie bekommen eine Rechnung und haben auf Ihre Ware Gewährleistung.

Due to their size and required packing supplies, the cost of 'packing for safe transit' and shipping are typically nearly equal to and sometimes greater than the cost of the part. An empty speaker cabinet or stereo receiver case is essentially the same size as a complete one.

Our "parts units", parts / spares and related reference information are primarily archived for the purpose of restoration / repair of "Oak Tree Vintage" units first.

Only if we do not have a "viable" unit in yet, either already in process or in line to be processed, that may potentially need parts from a "parts unit", will we release available parts for sale (even though they may appear as available for sale to the public).

Yes the weight will be less, but most of items that size are calculated on 'dimensional weight', not actual weight.

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Secondly empty component cabinets have to be packed to disallow breakage, typically requiring nearly as much packing materials as an entire unit. Again, the parts are first for the restoration of our units and secondarily for the public market. They end up being a disproportionate amount of money, relative to their purchase price, for packing and shipping, due to their large size, the 'custom' box and amount of foam board required for safe transit, so it is not uncommon for their pack / ship cost to be equal to, if not more than the cost of the part. issue with many speakers with mid or high frequency attenuators / rheostats (may sometimes be referred to as 'potentiometers' but are typically not of the type utilizing carbon traces, but resistive wire instead) is that as you turn them, or if left in one position for extended periods, the mids or high frequencies may be diminished in volume or non-existent.Unfortunately, in most cases that is not practical as the amount of time involved in posting that exceeds the value of the 'unique' part.

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