Dating advice commitment phobic

07-Mar-2016 01:06

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Modern science is finding out that some men and women carry a genetic predisposition to avoid long term relationships.

This could be a kind of survival tactic left over from our genetic forebears, and it certainly doesn’t get anyone off the hot seat for their commitment phobic behavior, but it does make me feel a little more kinship with this type of partner.

They had many great years together but had he been honest with himself about their conflicting views, he might already have his Jr. Don’t think that you partner is magically going to change your mind one day or that if it “accidentally happens” he will be forced to commit.

Usually, men are blamed for having commitment issues.

It’s important to identify if this is the best investment of your time and effort. First, ask yourself what you are getting out of the relationship. However, if you are going to stay in the relationship, you need to be able to accept his position and not stay in the mindset of always trying to change or convince him. If you have a social group or family that tells you that you are crazy for being with this guy and keeps asking why he won’t commit, you are only creating more stress for yourself. A lot of times in our community it is not accepted to see a counselor for help but it is invaluable to having a third party that can help you get to the root of the issue and find a supportive way to communicate with each other.

At times people stay in a relationship because it is convenient or more comfortable than having to go out and find someone new. It will help you to understand where this phobia is coming from so that you can deal with it sensitively. Even if you are not married (and maybe never will be) you can still celebrate your time together.

I hate to tell you, America, but we live in a gender equal society now, and just as many women are scared of long term relationships as men. There are more than a few signs that suggest a potential partner might have commitment issues.

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Sometimes people invest many years in a relationship, hoping that their partner will change their stance.

That said, here is what I can tell you just based on the information I have.

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