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Each of us comes into the world with a biological predisposition to attach to people in a certain way some babies require more closeness and care than others.

During the crucial first year of life, when our brains triple in size, we start to form a hardwired blue print for love based on how our caregivers respond to our needs.

In retrospect, c seems quite reasonable, but we’ll never know as at the time, b leapt in the way and I instantly responded to his polite distance with politer further distance and he went home with naught but an awkward hug.

I spent longer than I care to admit hopelessly in love with a male friend, and it was temptingly effortless to imagine that there was more to our friendly drinks given that he’s Swedish, it’s not as though he would be making a move in any case.

Doyenne Boussoch is an old Belgian variety of unknown origin dating from before 1836. Was grown commercially during the 19th Century but later superceded by better varieties.

Cape Town – Herbal specialist Margaret Roberts passed away, her daughter confirmed in a social media post on Saturday.

Despite what romantic movies, TV shows, and books tell you, love isn’t something that simply happens. People with good relationship skills and healthy attachment behavior, who believe they are lovable, are the ones suddenly finding love, as singles often perceive it.

She is fond of snow, pickled things and very tall men, so it’s working out very well so far.

Once we find our preferred venue for replicating that love, attachment style is the invisible force that prompts us to swipe right on someone we like or say hello to a stranger we find attractive.

Attachment style is also the invisible force that determines whether or not we get into roller-coaster relationships with extreme highs and lows or not. These people have whats known as a secure attachment style. They are comfortable sharing feelings with friends and lovers.

When they are suffering, they seek out social support.

They take responsibility for their actions and are known for having a lot of empathy.Recently, I met a friend of a friend at a couple of parties, and after the second or third time we met – having chatted casually and, as far as I had noticed, entirely platonically – he messaged me on Facebook.

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