Dating escort service in atlanta ga

08-Apr-2015 16:19

Sara Shikman: Women do not have to pay for a man’s company.

Just like women do not have to buy a 0 pair of shoes.

But we no longer have to listen to anyone when we make our choices, which is very exciting.

S&LF: Can you talk a bit about your experience as a former corporate lawyer and what it was like trying to date with such a busy lifestyle?

CEO Sara Shikman gives Single and Living Fab readers the story behind this unconventional escort service. Sara Shikman: The inspiration are the successful and confident women I see all around me.

S&LF: Why do you think it has taken so long for a service like this to come about when these types of services have been available to men for such a long time?Sara Shikman: As a corporate lawyer, I would often get invited to charity events and other upscale events with every short notice.I always wanted to have the hottest date in the room and it was hard to do with such short notice.Sara Shikman: Probably because many entreprenuers did not want to risk entering into a market that has not been opened yet.

S&LF: Your company’s services are based mostly on the East Coast. Sara Shikman: We are actually expanding to the West Coast within a week or so, already have lined up castings on the West Coast, and have recently expanded to Chicago.

It’s a choice, a fun choice, that beats just going to a bar or going out to dinner.