Dating language love in czech republic

23-Apr-2015 05:54

Go straight ahead – Choďte rovno Turn left/right – Zabočte do ľava/prava Stop! 30 – thirty – tridsať 40 – fourty – štyridsať 50 – fifty – päťdesiat 60 – sixty – šesťdesiat 70 – seventy – sedemdesiat 80 – eighty – osemdesiat 90 – ninety – deväťdesiat 100 – hundred – sto 1000 – thousand – tisíc 1000000 – million – milión 185 – onehundred-eighty-five – sto-osemdesiat-päť 943 – ninehundred-forty-three – deväťsto-štyridsať-tri 1215 – onethousand-twohundred-fifteen – tisíc-dvesto-pätnásť 8532 – eightthousand-fivehundred-thirty-two – osemtisíc-päťsto-tridsať-dva What time is it? The caron (palatalization mark or softener) indicates either palatalization or a change of alveolar fricatives into post-alveolar, in informal Slovak linguistics often called just palatalization. Not all “normal” consonants have a “caroned” counterpart: When you travel to Slovakia for a short stay, you do not have to learn Slovak, although it is a good idea to master some simple words and phrases (see the small distionary above).

At the corner – Na rohu Behind – Za In front of – Pred Far – Ďaleko Close – Blízko North – Sever South – Juh West – Západ East – Východ 0 – zero – nula 1 – one – jeden 2 – two – dva 3 – three – tri 4 – four – štyri 5 – five – päť 6 – six – šesť 7 – seven – sedem 8 – eight – osem 9 – nine – deväť 10 – ten – desať 11 – eleven – jedenásť 12 – twelve – dvanásť 13 – thirteen – trinásť 14 – fourteen – štrnásť 15 – fifteen – pätnásť 16 – sixteen – šestnásť 17 – seventeen – sedemnásť 18 – eighteen – osemnásť 19 – nineteen – devätnásť 20 – twenty – dvadsať 21 – twenty-one – dvadsať jeden 22 – twenty-two – dvadsať dva … The acute mark (or prolongation mark) indicates a long vowel, for example: .

In Southern Slovakia many people understand Hungarian, so if you enter a shop, the assistant will greet you in both languages and will continue to converse according to your preferences.

Czech youngsters born after the split, have problems understanding Slovak as well.

But now I realize that – even among my friends – people are saying, ‘Well, you know, I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day, but I’m definitely going to do something little.’ “The gifts that are given in the Czech Republic are similar to what is common around the world; a dozen roses accompanied with small boxes of chocolates, cards, dinner in fancy restaurants, and for those lucky ladies and gentleman some jewelry and perfume.

Although many of us might believe Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday just to get some money out of our pockets and into the stores during the down time between Christmas and Easter – it is a good excuse to spend extra quality time with our lovers, friends, and family, and having a box of chocolate only makes that quality time sweeter.

Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised by the eagerness with which some people are trying hard to communicate with you in their poor English. For many of them the short conversation with you represents a rare opportunity to practice their English.

Older people (mostly businessmen and other people who work in travel and commercial services, as well as people in larger cities) speak it also, to varying degrees.

In Lutheran and Anglican communions it is an official feast day known as “Feast of St.Yes – Áno No – Nie Maybe – Možno Good morning – Dobré ráno Good evening – Dobrý večer Good night – Dobrú noc My name is … You’re welcome – Nemáte za čo (or Prosím) Thank you – Ďakujem Please – Prosím It is nice to meet you – Teší ma Welcome – Vítajte How are you? Entrance – Vstup Exit – Východ Information – Informácie Open – Otvorené Close – Zatvorené Prohibited – Zakázané Police – Polícia Toilet – Záchod/Toaleta/WC Man – Muž Woman – Žena I (don’t) understand – (Ne)Rozumiem Do you speak English? Of course, the people will very probably accept your own ways without too much drama, but why should you show your differences at each step? Finally one little hint: if someone seems not to understand you, do not raise your voice, but try to use another language (if you speak one), think of more international words like “automobile” instead of “car”, “problem” instead of “trouble” and if you are thirsty, ask for “pivo” instead of “beer”. :) Saying “hello”, shaking hands, raising hats, kiss on the face or hugging someone are only a few forms of greeting. Greeting is the absolutely best way to show your respect to a person you meet.February 14th is the name day of Roman Saint, Valentinus. It is also said while in prison he healed the daughter of Asterius, the man who jailed him.

Legend has it that in his farewell letter to the daughter it was signed “from your Valentine” The first recorded association of Valentine with romantic love was in 1382, in Parlement of Foules, a poem written by Geoffery Chaucer to King Richard II for the anniversary of his engagement to Anne of Bohemia. [“For this was on Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”] The first time the idea of giving ‘Valentines’ (cards) to your loved ones was in Britain in 1797, when a clever publisher issued century, paper valentines were extremely popular in Britain, and were manufactured in factories to keep up with demand.

Using English you may talk to most young people (10-35 years old).

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