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The result is a tense and often terrifying tale, that outshines and outscares any number of budget-heavy, studio horrors.

Without Herschell Gordon Lewis' low budget gore-fest, there would be no Halloween, no Evil Dead et al, and basically half of the '80s video industry would be missing. In fact, it's fair to say that with his entrail packed (however loosely) exploitationer, marketing guru Lewis opened the abattoir doors for 'meat content' in films generally - and that includes the likes of ear severing, and faces melting before the wrath of God.

An action movie filmed for the price of a second hand Ford Fiesta - Michael Bay, you have much to learn.

Brilliantly high concept, effortlessly executed by director Tom Tykwer and kept at breakneck speed by leading lady Franka Potente, this is one of the very best reasons to bury England's traditional enmity with the Germans.

The story follows three attempts, largely in real time, by Lola (Potente) to get the 100,000 deutschmarks needed to save her boyfriend's life.

Tykwer basically riffs on the same concept three times, ratcheting up the tension and building up the pace with each attempt as the flame-haired Lola uses increasingly inventive means of getting ahead.

But the results of this largely plotless story of friends rallying round their suddenly single pal are undeniable.

One of the very best buddy comedies out there, embraced by men the world over as somehow descriptive of their twenties, it's a perfect example of what happens when that strange alchemy between cast, crew, script and tone all work perfectly.

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Cube is proof - if proof were needed - that you only need simple concept to make an arresting, interesting film.Robert Rodriguez may be a household name, but back in 1992 he was an impoverished would-be filmmaker who raised ,000 of the film's ,000 shooting budget as a volunteer for experimental drug testing.Shot on the streets of Coahuila, Mexico without storyboards (Rodriguez had no crew to show them to), equipment (sound was record with a tape recorder while most of the 'guns' were water pistols) and quite often actors (many of the smaller roles were simply passers by), El Mariachi is guerilla filmmaking at its most inventive.Inventing American indie cinema before QT was even born, writer-director John Cassavetes' debut feature is a rough hewn landmark.

Taking a subject matter that '50s Hollywood wouldn't touch with a barge-pole - the tensions within a black family arising when a young woman (Leila Goldoni) starts dating white men - Cassavetes ignores all the tricks of the mainstream to jazz up his simple story, instead opting for an almost home movie approach where you are allowed to get under the skin of the central character.

Acknowledging a massive thirst for automotive action and raking in more than 0 million, it spawned one superior sequel (still one of the greatest 'real' action films), which in turn led to dozens of cheap 'post apocalyptic warzone' straight-to-video jobs.21 Grams may have grabbed the Oscar headlines, but Alejandro González Iñárritu perfected his techniques in overlapping storylines, stunning cinematography and the creative use of car crashes in this Mexican smash about three separate lives linked together by one common event.

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