Dating profile photo tips

06-Jul-2016 12:20

If you choose to have your shoulders in the photo, pose them accordingly to create a nice line.Instead of photographing head-on, like for an ID photo, this wider part of your body will look more flattering if one shoulder leans towards the camera, creating a line that directs attention towards your face.Throwing the background out of focus is a popular technique in portraits, and one we recommend considering here.Even a standard lens can achieve this in a head-and-shoulders photo, and it's easily achieved with telephoto lenses such as 85mm, 100mm, or even longer.There are millions of users in the online dating community and to whittle out the competition, a thought-out profile picture can only help. Don’t use something from the past – that’s misleading.An honest representation, especially for online dating profiles, can only work in your favor.There are profile pictures that are taken with a camera phone in front of a mirror, perhaps on a good hair day or before a night out with friends.

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But if you’re shooting in harsh sunlight, try shooting with the light behind the subject and use the flash to light from the front for a softer and flattering effect.Shooting at a wide lens aperture (low f/number, such as f/4, etc.) will tend to produce sharp focus on a face, with a softly blurred background.