Dating serial bach trumpet

05-Sep-2014 18:05

The company was founded in 1918 by Austrian-born trumpeter Vincent Schrotenbach (Vincent Bach).

This particular company has been voted by consumers for the Best Brass Tone, the Best Brass Durability, Best Price, and Best Overall, beating other companies such as Getzen, King Musical Instruments, etc.

Just google "Bach Loyalist" and it will be the first search resut I agree with Martin. You might want to make sure that the bore is not larger than medium-large. I don't think he plays a Bach, but he will know all about them.

Personally I never had as much success playing a Bach as I did certain other trumpets (Conn Connstellation, Getzen Severenson model, Martin Committee, Schilke or Benge). For me, personally, Bachs seemed to play like they had larger bores than other trumpets even when they didn't.

Don't know what mom's budget is, but if the Strad is out of the question and they still want a Bach, I test played one of their student models about five years ago and it was a pretty good horn.

Definitely not professional model - the upper registers didn't open up very much, but for intermediate players that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Olds also include serial numbers on their trumpets, starting in 1928.

However, there is the chance that the trumpet is from a less well-known manufacturer who did not stamp serial numbers, that the number has worn off, there was no stamp given because of a manufacturer error, or that there was some other reason the trumpet did not get a serial number.

The Vincent Bach Corporation moved in 1953 from New York City to Mount Vernon, New York. Vernon Bach horns are prized for being hand-assembled instruments.

He ran an advertisement that read "How to become a wizard on cornet without practicing" and accumulated 0 in orders in a short time and began his career as a manufacturer.

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