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15-Jun-2014 13:35

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When we lived in a more metropolitan area, I would sometimes look at couples of the same race with a bit of jealousy, wondering what it would be like to just ‘fit’ and not have society question if you’re together or how you make it work.

Are there any marital issues that come up due to different religious background?

Because of our shared faith, we actually had a lot in common in terms of what we valued in a wedding ceremony.

My family considered a simple cake and punch reception, and my husband was quite opinionated that we needed to serve a meal or we’d offend the Sri Lankan side of the family.

) One thing that my husband has comprised on is his culture’s more traditional view of women’s roles.

Because we both work outside the home, he participates equally, caring for the kids and sometimes even staying home with them when they’re sick so I can go to work.

It also means that I don’t really know how to cook typical American dishes and feel a little intimidated if I have to cook for Americans because I don’t really know what tastes good to them.

After eating so much tasty South Asian food for 10 years, American food has lost a lot of its appeal (though a juicy hamburger is still hard to beat!!

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Are you willing to brave hunting for ingredients that would make a yummy, spicy curry?I’m from a small town, so the two family ‘sides’ were indeed both fascinated with the uniqueness each family brought to the wedding!What are your biggest challenges as an interracial couple and how do you solve them? We’ve spent a LOT of time talking through what my perceptions are as a person from the majority and after 10 years, I have a much deeper understanding of a minority in America experiences than I was when we first started dating.It teaches you to pay attention to more than yourself, to be intentional about your choices, to share honestly and listen carefully, and to respect one another’s differences.

(Read my longer post on this here.) What compromises are required in order to make your marriage work?

If Jody isn’t working, baby sitting or eating hamburgers and frying papadums with her family, she is busy sharing her thoughts and stories about bridging the gap Between Worlds. My husband was born in New York City and returned to Sri Lanka to live with his parents when he was 10.

He saw millions of Americans lugging separate phones, Black Berrys, and — now — MP3 players; naturally, consumers would prefer just one device.… continue reading »

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