Dating techniques archaeology philippines

11-Dec-2014 11:41

It is unique and classified as atypical earthenware with ancient syllabic inscription on the shoulder.The Calatagan ritual pot is the only one of its kind with an ancient script.

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This type of Lingling-O is the double-headed pendant found in Duyong Cave.

This jar has curvilinear scroll designs such as free hand painting of Tree of Life and cloud motifs.

This is the earliest record of cloud design on a pottery.

Shell scoops made from the body whorl of Turbo marmoratus first appeared in the Late Neolithic Period at Manunggul Cave, Quezon, Palawan.

This shell tool is similar to the shell adzes recovered in Micronesia and Ryuku Islands in Okinawa, Japan.The latter has a right extremity that forms to what appears like an arm with five digits. The outer surface of the body whorl near the figure has an angular shoulder.