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05-Aug-2014 13:54

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Job – Living in the land of Uz, descendents of Nahor, the religion of one God was probably predominant. There we learn that he fathered a tribe called the Jashubites.

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He is not spoken of as owning land, for the people of that time considered the land available to any for temporary pasturage.His name means “my God is fine gold,” implying either materialistic parents or that he came from the gold mining region of Ophir in Arabia. As the son of a concubine of Abraham, Keturah, Shuah was sent away after the death of Abraham into the east country (Gen. Although Abraham was his ancestor, it is questionable whether he followed after the Hebrew religious beliefs. The Septuagint calls Zophar the “ King of the Minaeans.” These people are identified in the Bible as either the “ Maonites” (Jud. The meaning of his name is uncertain, various lexicographers giving it as “leaping,” “departing,” and “sparrow.” Being the grandson of Eliphaz, he must have been the youngest of the three, perhaps in his forties. As a descendent of a Abraham’s brother, it is likely that he still held to the pure religion of one God. He apparently was very young since two of the other comforters were Eliphaz and Zophar, a grandfather with his grandson.The meaning of his name is unkown for sure, though some trace it to mean “confusing love” or “disputant, son of contention.” However, if John Genung is right in the International Standard Bible Encylopedia, it means “ Bel has loved,” thus indicating that his parents were idolaters and followers of the god Bel. Elihu states clearly that he is younger, probably considerably younger, than the other comforters in Job 32:4, “ Now Elihu had waited till Job had spoken, because they were elder than he.” This might indicate a man in his twenties.Both the voca-bulary used and the allegorized prologue are typical of writings of this time period.(1) The oldest son of Aram (Gen. While Nahor dwelt in Haran (today’s northern Syria), there is evidence that the family of Uz moved to pasturelands to the Southeast, even as Abraham and Lot moved to the Southwest.

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This would also place him in southern Syria, at the border of the great Arabian desert. Only the accounts of Genesis are of an earlier age. Some place Job as a contemporary of Abraham (most certainly incorrect) others as being during the exodus of Israel (equally improbable.) There is internal evidence that allows us to make a fairly accurate estimate.

From the above chart, it is evident that it cannot be before the fourth generation after Abraham when the story of Job occurs.

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