Dating violence and female abusers

18-Nov-2015 14:01

Most importantly, sometimes your shrink can be wrong. I like that you titled this thread "common characteristics." An abuser may have some of these, all of these, or even more of these characteristics.

All i did was copy this info from a good resource on the web and pasted it here it the proper format but thank you for the compliment i used my little brain well this time, i really do want to help other's out that are hurting though & right now i'm hurting.

She expects him to behave according to her expectations of what her partner should be like; perhaps the way her parents' marriage was, or its opposite.

She demands that he change to accommodate her expectations.

Between September & my time of leaving, I would often get hyserical calls in the middle of the night saying it was taking too long...She told me to leave knowing I have nowhere to go..she would call the police, to which I started to call face was red and marked.She snatched the phone out of my hands and said she would call them and make something up to get me arrested.* She projects the blame for all relationship difficulties onto her partner.

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She wouldn't get angry if only he would be who she wants him to be...

Do not take my advice before talking to your doctor/counselor/other professional.

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