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11-Jun-2016 02:36

“The pimp is among those guys over there,” outreach worker Victoria Harris said, pointing to a group of young men in a parking lot.

“They hang out at the burrito stands.” Oakland police Officer Jim Saleda, who works in the special victims investigative unit, said technologically savvy pimps use community Web sites, such as Craigslist’s erotic services section, to code messages and orchestrate their stable of prostitutes.

“They might see a hamburger, they might see new clothes, but they don’t see a dime of the money.” But not all pimps are former drug dealers or seasoned businessmen.

More startling still is a third breed of pimps officials are now seeing emerge who are family members or close associates of an exploited youth. The store also stocks videos, DVDs and an assortment of leather-and-chain gear, which isn't really our cup of tea. It's a clean place run by folks who look professional, who know what they're talking about and who are patient when it comes to explaining how the various gadgets work. “It’s coming from music, parts of hip hop, you got to have this and you got to have that and you’ve got to be pimping,” said Brian Bob, an outreach coordinator with the Covenant House youth shelter, which serves homeless youths, many of whom are prostitutes.

“The images they see, today’s clothing, it is geared toward sexualizing them.” The second type is what officials call the “guerrilla” pimp: the pimp who literally kidnaps girls from the streets — often from the soft-sell trade of the tennis shoe pimps.They could use cell phones and laptop connections to the Internet to conduct business with customers while simply posing as boyfriends walking down the street with their girls.