Difference between uk and us dating

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They may be willing to drive you to the supermarket or for travelling/road trips, and they may even invite you home for weekends or holidays such as Thanksgiving.

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While European countries are close together, and therefore host visitors more frequently, the vast majority of Americans are removed geographically from international borders and feel they have no need to apply for a passport - only about 22% of the American population have one.It is the general rule to tip your waiter or waitress at restaurants 15-20% on top of the price of bill, as a service charge is not usually automatically charged.Not tipping your server is considered VERY rude, and even if the service is poor, Americans will still tend to tip something (10% of the service is poor, 15% if it is good and 20% if it is excellent).Holidays - Meeting People - Personal Lives - Alcohol Consumption - Humour - A Local Mindset - Tipping - Values - Additional Resources While you may not think it at first, there are numerous cultural differences between the US and the UK that you will likely encounter.

Just as there are Language Differences between the US and UK, there are even differences in customs, attitudes, opinions, and reactions within the US.Alcohol is a less integral part of the campus culture in the US than perhaps it is in the UK.

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