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Previously, he has produced successful news and talk programming for CNN, Fox News, Pax TV and Sirius XM.

Over the years, his notable interviews and/or bookings have included such diverse personalities as Sean Astin, Corbin Bernsen, Brian Bird, James Brolin, Kirk Cameron, Deepak Chopra, Sandy Duncan, Roma Downey, Robert Duvall, Emilio Estevez, Mick Fleetwood, Andy Garcia, Carla Gugino, movie-star-turned-Catholic nun Mother Dolores Hart, Patricia Heaton, Lee Iacocca, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Michael Landon, Jr., Pattie Mallete (Justin Bieber’s mother), B. King, Colin Powell, Dennis Prager, Rick Santorum, Martin Sheen, Kevin Sorbo, Della Reese, Christopher Reeve, Robert and Robert A.

It’s a charming and kind show that, surprisingly, has not yet been renewed for a second season. He very easily could have been a priest in a church somewhere or what have you but, in those circumstances, he was still trying to do his very best amid the mad mist of war…Not to compare the two (characters) certainly but I feel like there was a lot more about Oliver that we didn’t see (about) what shaped him and his choices in life. I just feel like every one of us — all the actors — are so impassioned and passionate about where we’re doing. Hawkeye was irreverent when it came to authority but he was never mean. He fought against bullies and meanness and those things. He was still always trying to do everything he could do and sometimes he fell short but, nevertheless, he kept striving… I just think, again, the responsibility (of conveying that), has been neglected by a lot of creative people in television.

Or perhaps it has been but the renewal notice is lost in the mail. I felt like, in general, the show was taking on the responsibility we have as creative people…We were being taught without being preached to or talked down to…At least some aspect of Oliver appeals to every man. …I get asked what one thing would I want audiences to take away from their experience watching (our show) and I say it’s the hope that Martha conveys. (That’s) not to say there isn’t a place for a lot of shows that are out there but I feel like…that snarky thing that’s passing for what’s cool…I don’t quite understand it.

So, absolutely, I think there are definite aspects of Oliver that I hope rub off on me. They couldn’t be more different from one another either. It’s a college town, so there are a lot of people living considered lives.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with so much energy at any age on set. I hope I have half that (enthusiasm) when I’m her age. EM: I did a movie with Valerie and Jacqueline Bisset called ?In any event, I urge Hallmark to renew this inventive and heartfelt show. He’s a good role model that always has the right turn of phrase available in his repertoire. I feel like a lot of television now is about fostering sadistic tendencies.I recently had the opportunity to talk with Eric Mabius, who as the quirky, sensitive intrepid team leader Oliver O’Toole is sort of the (postal) hub around whom the stories and likable supporting characters spin. He treats people with respect and patience and kindness and, at the same time, he forces people to strive to be better in their lives — better than they think they can be. Whether it’s a reality show or a cop drama, it’s about watching other people suffer.JWK: What I find interesting about Oliver is that he’s sort of sophisticated and suave yet innocent at the same time. I think it’s every actor’s responsibility to “like” whatever character they’re playing. We didn’t want to keep depriving them of the company of their grandkids and we moved them back into the environment that my wife and I grew up in. We live in the country and we have three wood stoves and we have a garden and we live near a horse farm. We’re adjoined by state parks and there’s a local lake where they have their swim lessons.

Our responsibility is not to judge the characters we’re playing but to play them with all the belief you can. They house my wife grew up in is two miles down the road…It’s the rare mix of the rural and the progressive.Hopefully, (this show) will spark people’s interest in what that thing is. It’s kind of a wonderful place…No one really cares what I do for a living. Kennedy, a practicing Catholic, is the founder of Creative Universe/JWKMEDIA, a script development and consulting company focusing on positive entertainment.