Expectations in dating

06-Feb-2015 06:12

If you're having a hard time coming up with some ideas, think about your past relationships and use their positive aspects as your starting guide.Next, write the number one next to all of the items you wrote that you feel are essential to your happiness, and a two next to the items that would be nice, but not necessary. Then, place each item in order of most important to least important on a wall or other large surface, and move the sticky notes around until you feel you've found the right combination. These are the expectations you have for a quality relationship that you should never compromise on.Both sexes want chemistry, more commonly referred to as “sparks,” and that’s fair enough.The trouble is, sparks aren’t always kindled right away.But where do you draw the line between fantasy and reality?When do you know your relationship expectations aren’t realistic?So what are you to do if you don't know what your expectations for a relationship are - or worse - some of your expectations fall into the no-no category?

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If you end up stuck in an endless online message chain waiting for the guy to ask you for a drink, start doing the asking. The best and scariest thing about the single life is that you truly could meet someone any time at all. You don’t know when your person is going to get here, so you might as well expect it to be amazing when he does. Aya Tsintziras Aya Tsintziras is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor.

Popular stories through history cement this notion, although there are also many stories of would-be lovers at cross purposes and love at first sight between disastrously matched pairs.