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09-Jul-2016 00:38

Having those Hadid genes running through your DNA code.Today Bella posted a sneak peak at her upcoming cover for Porter Magazine, and while she’s likely guilty of following some Kim’s Snapchat looks entirely different from the average user’s and we need answers.Modern singles get off on growing and changing, on trying new things and different approaches to life.“One of the intriguing ways that single people do better than married people is in their experiences of personal growth,” says De Paulo.Tatiana’s new single “Losing My Mind” stems from that moment you realize you are devoting way too much time on that fuckboy.

A 2011 British poll found that the majority of single adults met the standard weekly recommendation for physical activity while the majority of married people did not. You’re the best kind of BFF Far from being sad and lonely, singles often enjoy richer, more connected social lives.A 2015 study found that being single enhances social relationships and that single people make for more supportive and involved friends, family members and neighbours than married people whose social circles tend to contract after they say “I do.” “When people get married, they become more insular,” says De Paulo.You’re all about the journey, not the destination Singles answer to no one, and that autonomy is good for self-development. In fact, you’re emerging as something of a boss, outnumbering your married peers in Canada and the U.

You’re no longer the Bridget Jones-inspired I’m-going-to-die-miserable-and-alone minority.On Sunday’s intense episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is observed taking videos for her Snapchat story.