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So when Joe Sobran wrote on the human life issues of our era—abortion, euthanasia, bioengineering, cloning, and the like—he was offering the highest level of social criticism from a thoroughly baptized mind fully informed by the best that Christian culture has thought and written.Of course, most of the leading lights of our own modern American culture, if we can call it that, rejected Joe’s insights and his arguments., a selection of Joseph Sobran’s writing edited by Fran Griffin and Tom Bethell.

And if that is not enough, Sobran was a student of Shakespeare who knew much of him by heart and could recite famous speeches from the plays in the varied voices of great Shakespearian actors like Olivier, Gielgud, and Scofield.

His writings deserve to be part of the continuing conversation of our culture.

My hope is that his splendid gift of prose and the cultural goods that he defended with it will inspire many other young men and women to become true lovers of liberty and Christianity.

But to a great extent perhaps the audience he was writing for were those loyal in difficult times to the lived tradition of human experience and inherited moral verities but lacking his skill and penetration in defending these truths against the levelers and moral relativists in the Academy and on the editorial pages of major newspapers.

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Political correctness held no appeal for Joe, who baited the cultural powers that be with deceptively simple defenses of the truth. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md., Mc Closkey was ordained priest in 1834.

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