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04-Mar-2016 17:59

Elections are often interpreted as mandates from the public for certain kinds of action.

But since a politician is not just a symbol of certain policies but also an individual who might happen to have an awfully nice smile, it can be risky to interpret most elections as mandating anything at all.

At the Miami debate, he said, “Common Core is a disaster.

And if I am elected president, in the first days as president I will direct the Department of Education that Common Core ends that day.” What they fail to mention is that Common Core began as a state-driven campaign to raise learning standards for the nation’s schoolchildren.

Launched in 2009, the idea was to embrace learning goals by grade across all 50 states to make sure kids in Iowa were on track and receiving a quality education along with students in California, Maine and elsewhere — and to ensure that all students were prepared for life after high school, for college or a job.

It was a project of governors and state school chiefs.

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John Kasich supports the rigorous academic standards. “We’re getting rid of Common Core,” Donald Trump said during a debate in early this month.

“In our state, the state school board sets the standards.” The education law passed Congress in December with overwhelming support from both parties and was quickly signed by President Barack Obama.

The law revamps the widely criticized No Child Left Behind Act and substantially limits the federal government’s role in public schools, including its powers to push academic standards. “Republicans are campaigning on outdated talking points,” says Bellwether’s Aldeman.

“Most places feel the standards are here to stay,” she said.

“They may be tweaked and changed, but they are here to stay.” (Copyright 2016 The Associated Press. But Sancho did not so fully approve of his master's admonition as to let it pass without saying in reply, "Senor, I am a man of peace, meek and quiet, and I can put up with any affront because I have a wife and children to support and bring up; so let it be likewise a hint to your worship, as it cannot be a , that on no account will I draw sword either against clown or against knight, and that here before God I forgive the insults that have been offered me, whether they have been, are, or shall be offered me by high or low, rich or poor, noble or commoner, not excepting any rank or condition whatsoever.